"Mystical Forest"

Mystical Forest

"She sought the faeries in her book, in places far and wide. She wandered into darkest woods, where she knew they might abide. Then on one night, she fell asleep amidst the trees and heather. They found her there and took her whence, to lands beyond the river..."

"Under the Rain"

Under the Rain

"Under the rain, a poor and helpless soul
Longing for the downpour to come to a halt
Nightfall silently approaching, silence eerily spreading
Indigo skies bid farewell to the sun that is sinking
Stars twinkle and come to life, one glitter at a time
Moonlight paves the earth, the lakes and rivers start to shine
Illuminated clouds amidst the dark skies of the night
Lasting till dawn, it is indeed a wonderful sight"
poem by Avinnash Karthik

"Protests in Venezuela"

Protests in Venezuela

Inspired by Delacroix's painting "Liberty Leading the People" and current events in Venezuela.